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We now concentrate on research and development of the role of spreadsheets outside the recognised commercial environment. The role of the website is to act as an information resource concerning the "development" findings arising from earlier commercial activity. Any potential contractual requests should be submitted direct to Stephen Allen.

Residual Services and Products

Analytical and Audit Software

  • Electronic project and work paper management (ACBA Electronic Working Papers) - for the registration, indexing and cross-referencing of worksheets within an Excel workbook. Includes a complete suite for the management and control of Excel worksheet templates.
  • Analytical and Investigative Tools (ACBA Tools) - a wide range of essential tools for Excel analysts, developers and auditors.

Excel Workbooks

Examples of how Excel workbooks can be designed and used to generate fully functional processes and methodologies without resorting to specialist code development.

Spreadsheet design

Specialist Excel Functions

An eclectic group of Add-ins and examples of Code developed within ACBA for its own use and published free for wider availability.

  • Post a String - package for manipulating string arrays
  • Convert to Single Column - more manipulating string arrays
  • Reset to Default - a high speed function for reformatting a pre-selected range back to standard layout
  • Merge and Word Wrap - selected cells are merged and word wrapped with specified cells to the right while ensuring that the row height is sufficient to keep the whole string visible
  • Auto-delete Rows - built to help clean up databases imported from other sources. Selects and deletes rows based on the value of the first cell in the row.
  • Automatic Review of VBA Code in Excel - a complete example of a procedure for reporting the instances of a user specified string within an Excel VB project code.

ACBA Functions - User Group

ACBA maintains a discussion forum for its software product users, who are welcome to join. The forum is moderated by ACBA and covers technical issues, general discussions on methodologies, answers to queries and future developments for ACBA software Membership is free.

My Blog

After a mild stroke, I took to writing a blog.

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